Remy, our award-winning senior care app, is a cornerstone of life enrichment programs, person-centered care initiatives, and digital marketing strategies.

For senior communities and home care agencies seeking to leverage the internet-dominant medium of video, Remy delivers a range of benefits:

• Create engaging marketing videos that generate leads
• Connect seniors and loved ones with secure two-way video
• Preserve seniors’ life stories for families and future generations

You can use Remy on your community-owned iPads, or through iPads purchased through HeartLegacy.

(Not to worry, there’s a smartphone app too!)

Staff members use Remy’s HeartCoach® dashboard to capture content for marketing videos, testimonials, and resident life story videos. We handle the rest from there, professionally editing and branding your videos to uphold brand standards and engage viewers.

For residents who enjoy sending and viewing video greetings, Remy uses facial recognition to simplify the login process and ensure ease of use. No email addresses, login information, or passwords needed. Maintaining strong connections between loved ones has never been easier!

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