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Walt Armentrout

Walt Armentrout

“I believe that all clients want and deserve three things: 1. Timeliness, 2. A product or service with no defects, and most importantly… 3. Caring. Being empathetic towards clients is the foundation on which we are built and the lifeblood of our organization.”

After graduating from The University of Alabama with a concentration in Biology and Computing Technology & Applications, Walt began gaining tremendous experience in the healthcare communications industry.

While achieving his MBA from the University of South Alabama, he worked with a large healthcare software organization; installing products and interfacing services alongside engineering development teams in a back-end environment. Later, Walt moved to customer facing role, selling software solutions directly to healthcare professionals. It was then that he realized he had the knowledge and passion to lead a software company that would make a difference in the lives of others.

HeartLegacy was then founded on these basic fundamentals: To be morally sound, focused on family values, national in scope, and built to last for generations to come.

When Walt isn’t at HeartLegacy’s headquarters, you might find him out on Mobile Bay fishing with friends and family. A fitness enthusiast, he also takes to the outdoors to get those BPMs up!

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Fran Smith

Fran Smith

“Preserving legacies, connecting families – what a phenomenal mission to be a part of! Everyone at HeartLegacy understands the keys to our long term success is extreme client satisfaction in fulfilling our mission.”

Fran gained success in the healthcare IT and communications space as the co-founder of TeleVox software, one of the largest multi-location healthcare networks responsible for millions of healthcare communications each day, now an asset of West Corporation. Fran’s positive motivational approach, and focus on superlative customer service contributed greatly to their success.

For Fran, family is where she spends most of her free time. Whether it’s planning family vacations, organizing parties for her large family of 9 siblings and their families, or spending time with her 90 year old father, time with family is considered time well spent. She also enjoys reading and jogging, and somehow manages to do both at the same time, while ALSO sending emails…something that mystifies the others at HeartLegacy!

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Jared Collins

Jared Collins

“It is amazing to be able to work with the truly exceptional team at HeartLegacy. Being able to utilize cutting-edge technology to directly impact people’s lives in such a meaningful way is a great privilege.”

Jared Collins is HeartLegacy’s Vice President of Technology. Jared holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, respectively. He has over 15 years of experience in technology and software engineering. He’s spent his career in the healthcare and education industries. Jared has wide-ranging expertise in mobile apps, web, desktop, telephony, and notifications.

At HeartLegacy, Jared will focus on further developing and enhancing the company’s end product.

Outside of work, Jared regularly outwits anyone who dares to play him in chess. He’s also an advanced practitioner of the martial arts, so be wary of calling him a “tech geek”!


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Hillary Beck

Hillary Beck

“It’s a joy to interact with senior care communities that are committed to a wholesome, fun living experience for their residents. HeartLegacy plays a role in that, and it feels wonderful to positively impact the lives of residents and their families. I am so excited about what the future holds for HeartLegacy and the senior care industry.”

Hillary is a master at listening and problem-solving. Among her many great traits, Hillary genuinely loves helping others. This is the secret recipe Hillary has used in her highly successful career as a sales executive and sales manager.

For HeartLegacy, Hillary directs the sales team and manages her own territory on the West Coast. On most days, Hillary is visiting senior communities or collaborating with the HeartLegacy sales and marketing team. On other days, she’s on the tradeshow floor telling the HeartLegacy story.

When she’s not working, Hillary enjoys the multitude of outdoor activities that beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah has to offer.

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Marc Tumminello

Marc Tumminello

Bio coming soon

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Erica Jean-Louis

Erica Jean-Louis

“I am truly blessed to be part of the amazing team at HeartLegacy. The creative approach HeartLegacy uses with technology has revolutionized how seniors and their families connect, and it is truly PRICELESS! I am so excited to work in the fast-growing senior care industry.”

Erica joined HeartLegacy as a Family Engagement Specialist in 2018 to support the company’s growing customer base.

She spent the previous eleven years of her career in the healthcare technology industry, connecting healthcare practices with solutions that enhanced the patient experience.  Erica’s expertise in client engagement helps senior communities, residents, and families unlock the full power of the HeartLegacy solution.

In her role at HeartLegacy, Erica provides daily support to customers, assists with QA protocols, and conducts on-site and online training sessions.

Erica is a graduate of the University of South Alabama (“Go Jags!”) and enjoys spending time with her family. In her spare time, Erica loves to explore her creative side by designing jewelry. She also likes to travel and try new dining experiences.

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Brie Reynolds

Brie Reynolds

“I am so excited to join such an innovative team! This service that HeartLegacy has put together really tugs at the heart strings making it easy to be passionate about what I do! It’s so rewarding to be able to go into work in the morning and get to listen to words of wisdom and stories that will be passed on to future generations. This system really creates the perfect solution for enhancing people’s lives and it’s my job to help them have fun while using it.”

At HeartLegacy, Brie manages customer accounts, conducts trainings, and teaches customers how to make the most of their HeartLegacy solution. Brie’s positivity and personality makes her a natural fit for this role.

Brie comes to HeartLegacy after a successful tenure as a top performer and trainer at a large healthcare software corporation. She graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Communications (emphasis in P.R.) and a minor in Psychology.

Brie is also a licensed massage therapist. When she’s not working, she loves to learn about and practice new techniques like Chinese Cupping, Ashiatsu, and Reflexology.

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Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart

“I’m excited to be working with a great team of likeminded individuals who share in the same passion and vision of the HeartLegacy mission. I look forward to working with those that support and care for our senior adults, helping them enrich the daily lives of those they care for, and capturing precious stories about their lives that can be passed down to their family for generations to come.”

Charles joined HeartLegacy as a Family Engagement Specialist in 2018. He excels in many areas, two that stand out: one, his ability to analyze and solve complex problems; two, his commitment to building great relationships and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

At HeartLegacy, Charles will focus on product implementations, training, and supporting customers. Prior to his role at HeartLegacy, Charles spent eighteen years in the Information Technology and Service sector of the healthcare industry. His technical and interpersonal skills make him a great asset to both HeartLegacy and the customers he serves.

Outside of work, Charles is a busy guy! In service to his local community, he volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and Volunteers of America. Charles is a committed husband and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. When he gets some time to himself, Charles loves researching his family history, going on photography excursions, and immersing himself in YouTube and Photoshop.


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Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd

“With HeartLegacy, I am excited to help bring healthcare industry experience and to leverage emerging technologies to grow and expand HeartLegacy’s innovative products and services. Having experienced first-hand some of the communication challenges of having parents in senior-care situations and long-distance family circumstances, HeartLegacy’s services resonated with me on a personal level. When I saw Remy for the first time, my thoughts were: ‘What a great idea, I wish I would have had that with mom and dad!’”

Bill Dodd joined HeartLegacy as the company’s Senior Developer. With a collection of certifications too numerous to list, Bill possesses an extensive knowledge of technologies, languages, and platforms. He’s spent his professional career in healthcare technology, most notably co-founding and selling a technology company in 2014.

At HeartLegacy, among many development initiatives, Bill will utilize his expertise in Android to enhance the company’s customer- and family-facing mobile apps.

Outside of work, Bill has a diverse set of interests from photography to jet skiing. He collects, repairs, and restores pinball machines. His house proudly features an impressive arcade of classic games, pinball machines, and a flight simulator.

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Greg Biggs

Greg Biggs

“It feels good to work for a company whose product nurtures family connection and preservation. These days the world is moving so fast you can barely keep up, so it’s nice to slow down and focus on what really matters! Plus, I get to be creative every day. What’s better than that!”

Greg Biggs is the Creative Director for HeartLegacy. He serves a multi-purpose role with the company, working directly with the marketing department, client operations, and the video editing team. Greg specializes in graphic design, branding, and multimedia.

His career spans nearly 20 years in design, winning multiple awards along the way. With an industry background in technology and healthcare, Greg understands the needs of both the company and the customer.

Outside of work, Greg is a busy guy! He loves spending time with his family, first and foremost. When he gets a free moment to himself, he immerses himself in playing and recording music—putting his guitar, bass, and drum skills to work! You’re also likely to find Greg skateboarding, surfing, wood working, or creating fine art.

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Reid Gilbert

Reid Gilbert

“Today, technology and family are intertwined like never before. Modern technology allows us to communicate more efficiently and strengthen our bonds with those closest to us. At HeartLegacy, we’re expanding on that fundamental to promote life enrichment and preserve family legacies. It’s an honor to work on such an innovative concept with so many talented people.”

During his professional career, Reid has worked in a variety of roles in the healthcare technology industry. Most recently, he managed direct healthcare sales territories for multiple tech companies. Earlier in his career, Reid oversaw corporate messaging and marketing programs.

At HeartLegacy, Reid manages the corporate brand and supports the Marketing and Sales operations. You can usually find him sitting at his desk, listening to music, and attempting to understand Google Analytics.

In his free time, Reid likes to read, write, and practice yoga.

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Conner Dempsey

Conner Dempsey

“It’s refreshing for me to join a company that has a positive goal: connecting families. It’s simple but so important, especially today. Technology is meant to connect us to each other, not isolate us. HeartLegacy uses technology for its most noble purpose: bringing and keeping us together. In an often cynical world, it’s heartwarming to know that our work is enriching the lives and relationships of real people and their loved ones. I’m proud to contribute to that principle.”

As HeartLegacy’s Digital Media Producer, Conner wields his video skills with precision and heart. Conner produces, edits, enhances, and organizes customer videos. He also manages HeartLegacy’s increasingly vast video library. It is no small feat and Conner handles it gracefully.

Conner’s background in live TV production, directing, and editing led him to his current role at HeartLegacy where you can find him wearing headphones and gripping an extra-large mug of coffee.

When he’s not working, Conner is either playing with his kids, reading a book, or mastering the intricacies of YouTube. Conner lives in Mobile with his wife and two children.

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Drew Tanner

Drew Tanner

“I don’t believe anyone can go through a day without a story. Whether it’s one you’ve heard or one you’ve told, storytelling is fundamental to knowing what makes us who we are and understanding each other. I’m proud to be part of a company that connects people through the medium I’ve studied most of my life, and doing it for the right reasons. Family is everything and there’s no better way to bond with family than through a good story.”

Drew graduated from the University of Alabama in 2016 with a degree in Telecommunication & Film, packed his bags soon thereafter, and relocated to Daphne, AL to join HeartLegacy as a Video Editor & Digital Media Designer.

At HeartLegacy, Drew edits customer videos, contributes to the creative team, and helps manage HeartLegacy’s video assets.

In addition to sporting a glorious beard, Drew is a seeker of new experiences. He travels, hikes, and explores the nuances of gastronomics. To satisfy his intellectual cravings, Drew collects jazz vinyl and studies history–particularly Civil War battlegrounds. And of course, as a creative, Drew loves to draw!

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Matthew Kimble

Matthew Kimble

“In a world full of social media platforms that seem so focused on promoting the next cookie-cutter celebrity or exotic destination, it’s an honor to be a part of something that builds real, tangible relationships. At its core, HeartLegacy is telling stories that effect real change in the hearts and minds of families across the country, capturing moments and making lasting memories.”

Originally from Birmingham, Matthew moved to the coast to finish college in 2013, and decided to make Mobile his permanent home.

After graduating with a Creative Writing degree in 2016, Matthew traveled as a freelance videographer throughout the United States and Europe, also working as a wedding photographer during his time at home.

Matthew most enjoys spending time on the road, and has visited 45 of 50 US states, along with a sizable portion of our national parks. He’s also a bit of a nerd when it comes to all things mystery movies, science fiction, space travel, and, of course, cameras.

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David Lautenschlager

David Lautenschlager

“We have a lot of fun at HeartLegacy. Our team is committed to building a great company with great products and happy customers. It’s awesome to work with people who are invested in delivering a premium experience to our customers. I am proud to be part of this group!”

At HeartLegacy, David is the man behind the scenes making the whole machine run seamlessly. Whether it’s operations, tradeshow support, scheduling, purchasing, or corporate event planning, David plays an integral role in the business operations of HeartLegacy.

For much of his professional career David has worked in healthcare technology, managing operations and overseeing administrative functions for multiple companies. David’s selfless approach sets a standard that his co-workers have followed for decades.

When he’s not working, David is busy restoring his hundred year-old craftsman bungalow in the Leinkauf historic district and obsessing over his cats.

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