Military Veterans

Suggested Questions


• What is your name, birthdate, birth place?
• What war(s) and branch of service did you serve in? What was your rank, and where did you serve?


• Were you drafted? Or did you enlist?
• Where was your home at that time?
• Why did you decide to join?
• Why did you pick that branch of service?
• Do you remember your first few days after joining?
• How did you feel?
• Tell me about your boot camp or other training experience(s)
• Do you remember your instructors?
• How did you get through it?


• Where did you go and travel while in the service?
• What jobs or assignments did you have?
• Did you witness combat?
• Were there many casualties in your unit?
• Were you or anyone you knew a prisoner of war?
• Were you awarded any medals? If so, how did you get them?
• Were you able to keep in touch with your family?
• What did you eat while away?
• Did you ever run low on supplies?
• Did you feel pressure or stress?
• How did everyone stay entertained?
• What did you do when you were on leave?
• Do you recall any specific unusual or funny events?
• Did anyone pull pranks?
• Did you take photographs or keep a journal?
• Was there something that you did for “good luck”?

After the War:

• Do you recall the day your service ended?
• Where were you?
• What did you do in the days and weeks afterward?
• Did you continue any relationships that you had while in the service?
• Did you join a veteran’s organization?
• How did your service and experiences affect your life?
• Is there anything you would like to add if not covered?