Resident Testimonials 

Suggested Intro Script

Resident Records This First:

My name is <name> and I live at <community name> in <city, state>. I have lived here since <year>.

Suggested Questions

Interview Questions:

• What is your favorite meal we serve?
• Tell me about your favorite activity or amenity we offer.
• What do you enjoy doing with your friends here?
• Tell us about the staff and your caregivers. What makes them special? Do they feel like family?
• What is your favorite part of living here?
• What outings do you like going on?
• Do you go to the beauty shop? What do you like about it?
• What does your family love about the community?
• Tell me about the level of care you receive?
• What do you love about your community’s surrounding area/city?
• How has your life improved since choosing to live here?
• Would you recommend your community to others?