Featured monthly suggestion:


Choose from a full-custom video or a Holidaygram – a branded, animated slideshow celebrating this month’s featured theme.

• For full-custom: upload video footage and photos through RemyGo and/or Hightail. Remember to add notes when you upload!

• For a Holidaygram (shown above): upload PHOTOS ONLY through RemyGo and/or Hightail. To have your Holidaygram ready to post on Halloween, please submit your photos by October 24th. Otherwise submit at your convenience and we will produce a video after the holiday.

• For the Great Cookie Contest: upload photos and video footage through RemyGo and/or Hightail. Add “The Great Cookie Contest” to the notes when you upload! The best Halloween video will win a cookie party for your community’s staff on us.

Additional Full-Custom Recording Ideas

Days to Celebrate (2023):

• Breast Cancer Awareness Month
• 1st: Coffee Day
• 2nd: Children’s Health Day
• 3rd: Techies Day
• 4th: Taco Day
• 5th: Do Something Nice Day
• 9th: Indigenous Peoples Day
• 10th: Cake Decorating Day
• 10th: World Mental Health Day
• 14th: Dessert Day
• 15th: I Love Lucy Day
• 17th: Pasta Day
• 24th: United Nations Day
• 31st: Halloween

Suggested Questions


• Tell us about your favorite costume! Do you dress up for Halloween? What will you be this year?
• What is your favorite candy?
• Do you like scary movies? What is your favorite?
• Did your family have any special Halloween traditions? (i.e. Haunted Houses/Hay Rides, unique decorations, etc.)
• Did you trick-or-treat? Tell me your fondest memory of doing this.
• Do you decorate and carve pumpkins every year? What is your favorite design?

Fall Weather:

• What is your favorite part about fall?
• Have you ever lived in a town where the leaves change?
• Is autumn your favorite season? If so, why?
• Would you rather go out for a walk during fall, or stay inside?
• Do you have a special book for indoor reading on chilly autumn days?

Learn About Your Residents:

• How old are you?
• Do you have any siblings? How many?
• Tell me about your parents.
• Are you or have you ever been married? Tell me about your spouse.
• Do you have any children? How many? What are their names?
• Did you serve in the military? What branch? For how long?
• Where were you born? Were you raised there too?
• What is your fondest memory as a child or an adult?
• Did you take vacations with your children? Where? Favorite spot?
• What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment so far in life?
• What advice would you give newlyweds? New parents?
• What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Food and Recipes:

• Do you have a secret family recipe?
• What is your favorite and least favorite food at Thanksgiving?
• Did you serve any unique foods?
• What is your favorite dessert? Pumpkin Pie? Pecan Pie?