Featured monthly suggestion:

Memorial Day

Choose from a full-custom video or a Holidaygram – a branded, animated slideshow celebrating this month’s featured theme.

• For full-custom: upload video footage and photos through RemyGo and/or Hightail. Remember to add notes when you upload!

• For a Holidaygram (shown above): upload PHOTOS ONLY through RemyGo and/or Hightail. To have your Holidaygram ready to post on Memorial Day, please submit your photos by May 22nd. Otherwise submit at your convenience and we will produce a video after the holiday.

Additional Full-Custom Recording Ideas

Days to Celebrate (2022):

• 4th: Star Wars Day
• 5th: Cinco de Mayo
• 6th: Nurses Day
• 7th: Day of Prayer
• 8th: Have a Coke Day
• 14th: Mother’s Day
• 14th: Native American Day
• 21st: Red Nose Day
• 21st: Pizza Party Day
• 28th: Hamburger Day
• 29st: Memorial Day

Suggested Questions

Let’s Taco Bout It! Cinco de Mayo:

• What is your favorite Mexican dish?
• What is your favorite thing to do on Cinco de Mayo?
• Have you ever been to Mexico?
• Do you prefer cheese dip, salsa, or guacamole?
• Would you prefer chicken fajitas, a chalupa, an enchilada, or a bean
• Do you prefer your margarita frozen or “on the rocks”?
• Do you prefer your margarita with salt or no salt?
• If you could do anything on this holiday, what would you do?
• Would you rather play “pin the tail on the donkey” or swing at a
• Do you know the difference between a taco and a burrito?
• Have you ever put on a sombrero? If so, why?
• Do you know any Latin-style dance moves?
• Would you rather learn the Salsa, the Rumba, or the Cha Cha?
• Have you ever seen a mariachi band?
• Have you ever taken a shot of tequila?
• Would you rather take a siesta or go to a fiesta?
• Do you know how to say anything in Spanish?
• Do you know what colors are on the Mexican flag?

Mother’s Day:

• What is something your mom always said to you?
• How did your mom make you laugh?
• What was your mom’s job growing up?
• What makes you proud of your mom?
• What activities did you and your mom do together?
• How many children were in your family?
• What was the best advice your mom gave you?
• Tell me about your mom. Where was she from? Where did she meet your dad?
• How many kids do you have? Gender, ages, occupations?
• What is your favorite part about being a mom?
• What activities did you do with your kids growing up? Favorite vacation?
• What was the best advice you gave your children?
• What are some of your happiest memories with your children?
• What is the hardest part about being a mother?
• Tell me a funny story about your kids.

Memorial Day:

• Did you serve in the military? Did you serve in a war?
• Did you have any family members serve in the military? Were any wounded?
• Were you awarded any medals? How did you get them?
• Do you have any photographs you’d like to share?
• Did you make any close friendships while serving?
• Were there many casualties in your unit?
• Tell me your most memorable experiences while serving.