Featured monthly suggestion:

4th of July

Choose from a full-custom video or a Holidaygram – a branded, animated slideshow celebrating this month’s featured theme.

• For full-custom: upload video footage and photos through RemyGo and/or Hightail. Remember to add notes when you upload!

• For a Holidaygram (shown above): upload PHOTOS ONLY through RemyGo and/or Hightail. To have your Holidaygram ready to post on July 4th, please submit your photos by June 27th. Otherwise submit at your convenience and we will produce a video after the holiday.

Additional Full-Custom Recording Ideas

Days to Celebrate (2023):

• 1st – 31st: Mental Health Awareness Month
• 4th: Independence Day
• 6th: Fried Chicken Day
• 7th: Macaroni Day
• 12th: Eat Jell-O Day
• 14th: Collector Car Appreciation Day
• 14th: Bastille Day
• 16th: Ice Cream Day
• 17th: Tattoo Day
• 20th: Hot Dog Day
• 23rd: Parents’ Day
• 24th: Cousins’ Day
• 26th: Aunt and Uncle Day
• 29th: Lipstick Day

Suggested Questions

4th of July:

• How did your family celebrate 4th of July growing up? Fireworks? Picnics?
• Did you take any vacations during 4th of July? Where?
• Tell me your favorite 4th of July memory?
• What does Independence Day mean to you?
• What makes you proud to be an American?
• Tell me your favorite food to eat on 4th of July? Hot Dogs? Ice Cream?
• What makes America a great place to live?
• Have you been to the Statue of Liberty in New York City?
• Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? If so, what landmarks did you visit?
• What is the most significant piece of history you can remember?


• Tell me your favorite memory of summer.
• Did you ever go on summer vacations? Where?
• What is your favorite part about summer? Hot weather? Beach? Ice cream?
• Did you ever attend summer camp? Did your kids ever attend summer camp?
• How did you spend your summer holidays? What were your favorite summer activities?

Memories of Relatives:

• How many cousins do you have? Were you close with them?
• Tell me stories of your cousins, aunts, and uncles growing up.
• Did they live near you? If not, did you visit them often?
• What are your happiest memories with your family?
• Did you ever have family reunions?
• Tell me a funny story about your family.

Your First Car:

• Tell us about your first car.
• Why was it special to you?
• What is your favorite memory with your car?
• Who taught you how to drive?
• How did you pay for your first car? How much?