Family Testimonials 

Suggested Intro Script

Family Member Records This First:

My name is <name> and my <relation to resident> lives at <community name> in <city, state>.  My <mom, dad, etc.> has lived here since <year>.

Suggested Questions

Interview Questions:

• Tell me about your loved one and how you came to the decision of placing them in a senior living community.
• How difficult was this decision? Emotional?
• Were other family members involved in this decision?
• Did you look at other communities for your loved one?
• Why did you choose this community for your loved one? What made us stand out above the rest?
• Tell me about the support this community gives you and your family.
• What are some of the beneficial differences you’ve noticed in your loved one since they moved into the community?
• What level of care does the community provide?
• Tell me about the staff who works with your loved one. What is the level of personal assistance?
• Tell me about the meals your loved one receives here. How balanced are they? Served timely? Dietary needs met?
• What programs attracted you to this community (exercise, physical therapy, social activities, HeartLegacy)?
• Tell me about the communication you receive from the community about your loved one’s well-being. How often? Is it informative?
• How happy are you that you chose this community for your loved one?