December • January

Recording Ideas

Days To Celebrate (December 2018):

• 7th: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
• 8th: Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
• 12th: Gingerbread House Day
• 15th: Wear Your Pearls Day
• 21st: Tacky Holiday Sweater Day
• 24th: Christmas Eve
• 25th: Christmas Day
• 28th: Card Playing Day
• 31st: New Year’s Eve

Days To Celebrate (January 2019):

• 2nd: Cream Puff Day
• 4th: Spaghetti Day
• 4th: Trivia Day
• 5th: Whipped Cream Day
• 14th: Dress up Your Pet Day
• 15th: Strawberry Ice Cream Day
• 15th: Hat Day
• 19th: Popcorn Day
• 21st: Hugging Day
• 29th: Puzzle Day

Suggested Questions


• Tell me about holiday traditions that have been passed down through your family. When and how did they get started?
• What was your favorite Christmas present as a child?
• Which gift did you want, but didn’t get?
• Tell me your favorite Christmas memory?
• Did you or your children take part in Christmas plays at school?
• What is your favorite Christmas song?
• Which person would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?
• What have you asked Santa for this year?
• Who’s on your Christmas list from this year, and who’s getting a lump of coal in their stocking?
• What is your favorite Christmas film?
• Are there any classic family jokes, stories, or songs you can share with me?
• When you were growing up, what role did religion/spirituality play in your life?
• What important lessons have your religious/spiritual beliefs taught you?

New Year’s:

• What was the best thing that happened this past year?
• What is your favorite memory at our community in 2018?
• What are you looking forward to at our community in 2019?
• Pick three words to describe this past year.
• What were the best books you read this past year?
• With whom were your most valuable relationships?
• What was the best way you used your time this past year?
• What was the most important lesson you learned this past year?
• What words of advice or wisdom would you like to pass on to future generations?

Football Playoffs and Sports:

• Who is your favorite sports team? Why?
• Do you watch college or professional football?
• Do you have a favorite team in the college playoffs?
• Did you play sports growing up? If so, which ones?
• What are your favorite games and hobbies?
• What did you do for fun growing up?


• Did you have any pets growing up? What were their names?
• What is your favorite animal? Why?
• Do you have any funny or unique pet stories?
• What animals do you think are cute? Ugly?
• What can people learn from animals?
• What can children learn by having a pet?
• What is the largest animal you have ever seen?
• Did you ever talk to your pet?