Community Tour Video

Recording Guidelines for Your Virtual Tour

Need some ideas? Watch these examples:

Mason Assisted Living & Memory Care
GenCare Lifestyle at Point Ruston’s Community Tour
A Virtual Visit to Summit Vista

Suggestions for capturing your footage:

When capturing footage for your community tour, we recommend recording multiple clips and uploading each one to us individually.

For example, you can record a clip of your introduction, a clip of your dining area, a clip of a model apartment, a clip with your call to action, etc. Our editing team will piece together the individual clips and create a beautiful video for you.

If you prefer to record everything at once, and upload one big file, that’s fine too!

Areas to record

• Dining room
• Private dining area
• Community room
• Library
• Lounge
• Salon
• Movie theater
• Wellness center
• Patio and outdoor areas


• Record in landscape mode
• “Slow and steady” when recording
• Speak clearly and confidently – not too slow, not too fast
• Use a sample script for each clip you record

Sample scripts

“Hi, my name is <name> and I’m the <title> here at <community name>. I’d like to take you on a virtual tour of our community. Come on in.”

Highlighting Your Dining Area:
“Here’s our dining area where residents enjoy any-time dining, along with scheduled meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to our community dining space, we also have a private dining area for family events.”

Describing an Apartment:
“Our assisted living apartments range from studio, up to two bedrooms and our memory care apartments are studio size but big enough for a <type> size bed and furniture.”

Showcasing Your Movie Theater:
“Residents love our movie theater! This is one of our most popular amenities. Residents gather here to watch feature films and sporting events together.”

Call to Action:
“Thank you for taking a virtual tour with us. We’d love to see you in person. If you have questions or would like to come visit us, please call us at <phone number> or email <email address>.”