Fran Smith

October 8th, 2016 -

“Preserving legacies, connecting families – what a phenomenal mission to be a part of! Everyone at HeartLegacy understands the keys to our long term success is extreme client satisfaction in fulfilling our mission.”

Fran gained success in the healthcare IT and communications space as the co-founder of TeleVox software, one of the largest multi-location healthcare networks responsible for millions of healthcare communications each day, now an asset of West Corporation. Fran’s positive motivational approach, and focus on superlative customer service contributed greatly to their success.

For Fran, family is where she spends most of her free time. Whether it’s planning family vacations, organizing parties for her large family of 9 siblings and their families, or spending time with her 90 year old father, time with family is considered time well spent. She also enjoys reading and jogging, and somehow manages to do both at the same time, while ALSO sending emails…something that mystifies the others at HeartLegacy!