What’s Good for the Soul

Selecting a Senior Care Community

April 6th, 2016 -

Whether it be security, proximity, or amenities, many things are taken into consideration when selecting a senior care community. Physical health and safety are imperative, but to offer a truly enriching and healthy lifestyle for the aging population, communities need to provide the complete gamut.

Happy Asian Senior couple sitting outdoors on sunset

The intangible, immeasurable notion of the soul or spirit can be so difficult to design a program around, yet it is so important to our lives.

After reviewing countless criteria in which a community may be evaluated, HeartLegacy took a closer look at what communities should offer to nurture the souls of residents. Which of the following programs do you have in your community?

Religious Services
Many communities offer religious services to account for the diversity of affiliations.

A Connection to Family
Residents can often feel isolated if they are not in close proximity to their family members. Make it easy for your residents to stay virtually connected to their family. Daily interaction through video allows for a successful connection, even if busy schedules don’t allow for real time communication.

Messages of Faith
Seniors who are strong in their faith, find peace in sharing their beliefs with family members. Ensuring your resident’s messages are securely stored for their families will provide them much joy and peace of mind.

Music and Art
Music, art, movies and plays are all often viewed as entertainment, but are also essential to one’s soul. Whether it triggers a special memory, is enjoyed as an escape, or inspires an action, the arts have purpose. Make sure that the schedule allows time for music, dance, movies, and creativity!

Providing activities and amenities that give residents a unique experience that is individualized to their culture and personalities can set your senior living community apart from the others. HeartLegacy can help connect residents with their families and give them a way to share their faith, and their stories while celebrating who they are and their life accomplishments.

Discover how HeartLegacy can help your community stand out in the senior care selection process. Request info!