The Way Siblings Tell It

Keeping Your Favorite Stories from Fading

January 14th, 2016 -

Anytime you put a group of adult siblings together, storytelling is inevitable. Whether they are poking fun of their childhood and how they were raised, pointing out each other’s embarrassing memories, or celebrating special unforgettable moments of their lives, the shared history is something very special and unique among siblings.

It seems that only a brother or sister will share an account of an event or a person with the same vivid recollection that you may have. For example, my mother and her sisters often tell stories about my grandmother. Sometimes it may be about her recipes, how she gardened or sewed, or funny situations that they may have found themselves in. But above all, the most precious are the stories that illustrate how fiercely she treasured her role as a mother above anything else in the world.

The theme and subject matter may be the same in their stories, but each memory is colored with each individual’s personality, reactions and perspective. One sister’s memories can pick up where the other may fall short. It is the most complete and accurate account of my grandmother.

What happens after this oral history stops unfolding at family gatherings? It is rare that an undocumented story lasts beyond a couple of generations. Next time you are together with your family, take stock of the stories you tell. Which ones are so entertaining that they’re worth sharing? Or what stories do you feel are important to your family and its traditions? Talk about finding ways to document or preserve these stories so they can be enjoyed by the next generation.

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