Recording Guidelines 

Community Content/Marketing

• Use slow, relaxed movements with Remy® and RemyGo®.
• Use Remy to capture events panning from left to right.
• Create a more dynamic video by capturing multiple angles of the same event.
• Avoid loud noises, chattering, etc directly beside Remy which will interfere with the event audio.
• When live music events are planned, capture one or two songs completely. We will use the songs (native audio) to make your event unique. Capture shots of the band as well as residents.
• Capture “before” shots of event, such as decor, rooms and food, etc.
• Capture “during” shots of event, such residents getting, eating and commenting on the food, etc.
• Capture “after” shots of event, such as how residents enjoyed the event, e.g. “This was so much fun!”
• Capture what the residents are doing, seeing, hearing, etc.
• Capture candid shots of residents being themselves unless posed shots are what you want.
• Capture as much content as possible so we have more to work with.
• Be creative and have fun!

Legacy Messages/Interviews

• Choose a quiet area, free of foot traffic and/or other distracting sounds to reduce room noise.
• Choose a clutter-free area that is well decorated.
• Frame the resident in the camera so they are either on the left or right side of the frame.
• DO NOT center residents directly in the middle of the frame.
• Make sure your resident is close enough to be heard.
• DO NOT seat residents across the room.
• Make sure your subject is well lit.
• DO NOT place residents with their backs against a window. This will create a silhouette effect where their face is too dark.
• Turn off smart phones or any other devices that will interfere with the interview.


• Add notes to your footage so we can title it correctly.
• Make sure all your footage has uploaded so we can get started on creating a beautiful video for you!