Life Story Programs
in Senior Care

March 13th, 2017 -

Does your senior community have a Life Story Program?


Life Story Programs encourage seniors to highlight and discuss memorable events in their lives. Senior communities capture these memories and life stories in digital format for families. For both residents and families, Life Story Programs offer a more meaningful and engaged senior care experience.

If your community doesn’t have a Life Story Program, here’s why you should:

Deliver a rich experience
Senior care communities exist to fulfill the lives of its residents and improve their quality of life. Capturing seniors’ stories offers true peace of mind and freedom from the worry that their lifetime of achievements and life-lessons won’t be remembered and passed on to future generations.

Celebrate your residents
Seniors get a great deal of gratification from reminiscing about the special moments of their lives. Capturing their life stories and memories is a heart-felt way to celebrate who they are.

Connect deeply with families
Learning the personal histories of residents forges deeper relationships among staff, residents, and families. This translates into better, more holistic care.

Give a priceless gift
How are you strengthening relationships with families, the most important part of your referral base? Preserving a senior’s life story in digital format is a one-of-a-kind gift that families will cherish. Having a tangible, compassionate, and priceless offering is the best value proposition a community can offer potential residents and their families.

Senior care residents should be provided every opportunity to have fun, find peace, and feel love while in the care of their community. Capturing their stories, keeping them connected to family, and talking about their lives and accomplishments not only brings them joy, it extends their lives through storytelling.

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