Life Story Production Request

Who is HeartLegacy?

HeartLegacy is a Legacy Preservation and Resident/Family engagement company that partners with Senior Care organizations across the country. We believe that people can choose to leave many things behind, but there is nothing more important than passing on life’s most valuable memories, values, and traditions to future generations.

What is a Legacy Message?

A Legacy Message is a professionally edited, story-like message intended to be passed on to future generations of your family.  The topics vary greatly and can include everything from childhood memories, WWII stories, family recipes, messages of faith, and many more.

Who will record and edit my loved one’s Legacy Message?

After choosing your loved one’s speaking topics, a list of relevant questions will be provided to a staff member within the community.  Using the HeartLegacy application, photos and videos of your loved one will be captured and securely uploaded to HeartLegacy’s team of in-house editors for editing and delivery back to you.

Are Legacy Messages Private?

Yes! Privacy is of the utmost importance at HeartLegacy. All content uploaded to HeartLegacy for use in a Legacy Message is encrypted and private. Upon the completion of the professionally edited video, you will be able to view it in a private, password protected family network.

How long will my loved one’s Legacy Message be?

A Legacy Message can greatly differ in length, solely, dependent on how much video and photos have been captured.  They can range anywhere from 1 – 30 minutes (max).

How long does it take to receive my loved one’s my Legacy Message?

Most Legacy Messages will be delivered to the recipient within 4-5 business days of the recordingonce the HeartCoach has successfully completed the upload.

How will my Legacy Message be delivered?

Upon completion of your professionally edited Legacy Message, you will receive an invite to view your loved one’s video.  It is securely stored on your HeartLegacy family network.  After logging in, you’ll have the ability to invite other family members to join, view the video and send video messages back to your loved one.

Can I request changes or edits?

Yes!  After reviewing your Legacy Message you may submit edits to LMsupport@heartlegacy.com.  Please note that we can accommodate up to 2 rounds of video edits.

How much does a Legacy Message cost?

A Legacy Message, which includes the capture, professional editing process, and secure storage of that content is $200.  It will be accessible in your private family network in which you can invite others!

Can I or my family members take part in the Legacy Message?

Yes!  If family members are visiting, we encourage them to be a part of their loved one’s Legacy Message.  Please indicate at checkout under the ‘more info’ section if you would like to be a part of it.

Who do I contact for support?

All support questions or requests can be directed to HeartLegacy at LMsupport@heartlegacy.com.