Home Care

Home care organizations use HeartLegacy to differentiate their agency, share updates with families, and keep clients connected to loved ones.

Video types for home care include video profiles of owners and caregivers; video greetings for clients and families; accountability check-ins from caregivers; testimonial and partner videos; and much more.


With over 12,000 home care agencies vying for business today, differentiation is vital in this hyper-competitive market.


Using HD video, HeartLegacy helps home care agencies market their unique strengths to decision makers.

Caregiver Profiles

Video profiles of caregivers enhance online and social media marketing. Caregivers highlight their personalities and experience. For a decision maker, there is nothing more powerful.


Easily capture video testimonials with HeartLegacy. Whether from a caregiver, a client, a family member, or a partnering business, video testimonials capture the complete portrait of your agency.

Training and Support

We offer a complete online training course for your staff, covering every detail of our technology and equipment. The online training is updated regularly to keep up with changes to the app, and video tutorials are posted online for easy access. Our dedicated technical support team is available to answer any questions you have.

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