HeartLegacy adds Award-Winning Creative Director

Design expert to serve cross-functional role

November 9th, 2016 -

HeartLegacy today announced the hiring of Greg Biggs as Creative Director.

Greg comes to HeartLegacy as an award-winning graphic designer with nearly 20 years of experience in the design field. He makes the transition to HeartLegacy after 13 years with his previous employer, managing design, creative, and multimedia in that role. Greg’s industry experience in technology and healthcare makes him an ideal fit at HeartLegacy.

HeartLegacy Greg Biggs Senior Care Creative Director

On joining HeartLegacy, Greg remarks:

“It feels good to work for a company whose product nurtures family connection and preservation. These days the world is moving so fast you can barely keep up, so it’s nice to slow down and focus on what really matters! Plus, I get to be creative every day. What’s better than that!”

Greg’s role at HeartLegacy is wide-ranging. He oversees creative direction for the company and manages client-side video processes. He specializes in graphic design, branding, and multimedia. Greg works with the marketing, client ops, and video editing teams in a truly cross-functional role.

Outside of work, Greg is a busy guy! He loves spending time with his family, first and foremost. When he gets a free moment to himself, he immerses himself in playing and recording music—putting his guitar, bass, and drum skills to work! You’re also likely to find Greg skating, surfing, wood working, or creating fine art.