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The HeartLegacy® app for families helps you deliver a rich experience to seniors and families.

The app allows family members to:

• Exchange video greetings with loved ones in senior living and home care.
• Preserve and share professionally-edited life story videos.
• Stay up to date on community events and activities.
• Assist in reminiscence and simulated presence therapies.

Additional interactive features let families comment, share, and invite others to their private family network.

The HeartLegacy® app increases social interaction for seniors, fosters a rich family environment, offers convenience to tech-savvy family members, and delivers peace of mind.

HeartLegacy’s family app is included for free with the complete HeartLegacy technology solution.

The solution includes a tablet app (Remy®), a smartphone app for staff members (RemyGo®), and a dedicated app for families—the HeartLegacy app.