Do you ever wonder how Grandpa got into the military? Did Grandma ever tell you how she learned to dance? Did they ever tell you about their first kiss?

The HeartLegacy Life Story Program captures life story videos like those for you and your loved ones to cherish for years to come. Here is an example video of what you will receive.

HeartLegacy professionally edits and customizes your loved one’s life story videos, which are available to you through the HeartLegacy® app and a USB HeartDrive® (pictured above).

Don’t let those stories be forgotten. Request a life story production and keep those family legacies forever!

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Frank Williams
Anytown Senior Living


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Our HeartDrive is an heirloom-quality USB key that helps families digitally retain cherished memories, stories, and legacies of their loved ones. HeartDrives cost $50 and plug directly into your computer.

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We understand that sometimes your loved one may be apprehensive unwilling to participate in capturing a Legacy Message. HeartLegacy and the community will make every effort to encourage your loved one to capture a message, however, can make no guarantee that they will participate. If this is the case, all monies will be refunded to you in full.